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Song Premiere: Carl Anderson's Devastating 'She Took Everything'

Carl Anderson grapples with heartache on the devastating "She Took Everything," the latest release from his forthcoming album You Can Call Me Carl (out on May 31).

The gorgeous ballad captures the pain in the aftermath of a breakup.

Water is rising around me/ I'm just out of reach of her hand," Anderson sings. "What part of 'She took everything' don't you understand?

Anderson says the song was inspired by his divorce and well-meaning assurances from friends that the wound would heal in time.

"'She Took Everything' is a fairly candid song I wrote about my divorce. This was the first time I felt like I could write about this painful experience. I was thinking about how frustrating it was when people would reassure me that everything would be OK and that 'time' would eventually allow me to heal," Anderson tells Wide Open Country. "While I could appreciate the sentiment and their kindness, at the time it just didn't feel helpful. I was always quick to respond by saying thank you or simply agree, but as I sat strumming guitars with my good friend, Stone Aiolli, the line just came to me. 'What part of she took everything don't you understand?.' It felt like a perfectly concise way of describing how I honestly felt as I grieved the loss of my marriage. Forty or so minutes later we had a song."

Listen to "She Took Everything"  below.

For more information on Carl Anderson, visit his official website.

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