Throw a DIY Halloween Treat Party With This Caramel Apple Kit

Growing up each fall, a neighbor would walk around the neighborhood and sell her homemade candy apples. They're a fall favorite, and I wish I could have one of her candy apples just one more time! The sweet candy coating is so delicious, however, I've acquired a taste for caramel apples recently, and I can't get enough, which is why I need this caramel apple kit.

Are you team classic candy apple or caramel apples? I know it's hard to choose, but I highly recommend sinking your teeth into a caramel apple. As someone who loves caramel treats and coffee, it's no surprise I'm a big fan of caramel apples.

Here's the best caramel apple kit on Amazon for homemade caramel apples.

Nostalgia CCA5 Lazy Susan Chocolate & Caramel Apple Party with Heated Fondue Pot, 25 Sticks, Decorating and Toppings Trays

  • Recipe book included
  • 25 apple sticks included
  • Removable trays and melting pot for easy cleaning

There are many options on Amazon for homemade caramel candy apples, but this bestseller seems to have the most success stories. Check out the customer reviews for yourself! Common things customers highlight: it's perfect for candy apples with multiple toppings, great for kids, and also great for fudge dipped apples.

Disclaimer: A few customers weren't too happy with how hot the warmer got, but some thought it got warm enough and could potentially be a fire hazard. It sounds like it's best to let the caramel melt thoroughly before dipping apples into it and to monitor the appliance and unplug it when you're not using it.

Since the fondue pot is also a lazy Susan, you can throw pretzels, pecans, M&M's, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and more chewy toppings into the trays.

I love that this caramel apple tray makes getting the kids involved so much easier. You don't have to stand over a stove or slow cooker to make candy apples anymore!

Halloween is right around the corner, so consider getting this just in time for DIY candy apples.

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