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Canfora Bakery Avenges Burglary by Putting Suspect's Face on Cookies

Canfora Bakery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is renowned for its delicious breads, hot ham and rolls, Italian cookies, and other freshly baked sweets. However, this Italian bakery recently created a new cookie that is more than just a yummy baked good.

More Than Just a Cookie

Unfortunately, the bakery was recently robbed by a man in a dark hoodie and knit beanie. He jimmied the door lock open and then took what he wanted from the cash register before fleeing the scene. Owners Karen and Eric Krieg took the matter into their own hands when they decided to use their baking expertise to find the burglar.

After going through the security footage, the Kriegs found an image of the burglar's face, which they printed onto edible paper. They then decorated almost 100 sugar cookies with his face, adding buttercream frosting for extra flavor.

The bakery advertised the cookies to locals, inviting everyone to come pick up one of these edible wanted posters. The post on the bakery's Facebook page says "Come Take a Bite Out Of Crime at Canfora Bakery. We invite the Bay View community to come on in and take a bite out of the thief while supplies last - one per family."

Canfora Bakery

This beloved bakery was founded by Carl and Rosa Canfora, who sold it to the Kriegs in 2017. The bakery will soon be transitioning to the name "Lakeside Bakery," a name that honors another local bakery that used to exist in the same location. Eric Krieg says that the Canforas "built a wonderful reputation, and I can't compliment them enough. If you've got something that works, don't change it."

The bakery can be found at 1100 E Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207, or you can visit them online at www.canforabakeryinc.com. Considered a great bakery for doughnuts, cookies, potato salad, and even Persian donuts, Canfora is the place to go in Milwaukee for baked goods or brunch. They also offer takeout and delivery services for those looking to enjoy pastries from home!

In the end, Canfora Bakery's unconventional but delicious methods worked, and the burglar was found! The Kriegs' mugshot cookies did their job, and the bakery's sugar cookies will go down in Milwaukee's history as the sweetest revenge.

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