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Candy Corn Plants Are The Perfect Indoor Plant for Fall

If there's anything else besides 13 Nights of Halloween to get me in the Halloween spirit, it's Halloween decor. You might know cuphea mircopetala by their common name, candy corn plants. These colorful plants are the perfect indoor plants for the season. Now, if only they actually grew candy corn, that would be killing two birds with one stone. These plants resemble candy corn.

The bicolor pattern is truly uncanny—spooky even! The orange flower color and yellow tips definitely look like tasty Halloween treats!

All About Candy Corn Plants

Cuphea micropetala

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The Candy Corn Plant is native to Mexico and Central America, and is member of the cuphea genus of plants. Although it's considered a tropical perennial in zones 8 through 11, it is often grown as a fall annual in cooler climates. It typically flowers from late summer through the fall, making it a truly seasonal Halloween treat. Although there are several varieties of the similar vines within the cuphea genus, if growing in harsher climate, some notes that cuphea micropetala is the most cold-hard varietal.

If you have a friend with a candy corn plant, the vine is easily propogated by division, either by leaf or stem cuttings. It can also be grown from seed.

Growing Candy Corn Vines Indoors

Candy corn plants are a perfect pick for a fall houseplant for their growing season, although your garden can benefit from planting candy corn vines outside. Like most plants, these plants need good drainage. The potting soil should be moist soil but not soaked. Stick to watering your new plant once or twice a month. Since they are typically indoor plants, I recommend using a hanging basket next to a sunny window. A 1-gallon pot is perfect.

Growing Candy Corn Vines Outdoors

For the purpose of indoor decor, I would advise using a candy corn plant indoors. However, if you choose to grow them outside, be sure to plant candy corn vine seeds in an environment they can bloom successfully in: As a twining vine, they grow well on trellises and parlays, as they need a structure to scale.

Your candy corn vines will love full sun and partial sun! If you live in a hot and dry climate, this is perfect.

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This post was originally published on September 1, 2020.