Cancer Survivor Gets Heartwarming Surprise from Luke Bryan

Alisha Thames is a special education teacher in Mississippi and a breast cancer survivor. When she was first diagnosed with the disease, she hid the news from her students. Not because she was afraid, but because she didn’t want them to be upset by her illness.

“Miss Thames is like a very quiet lioness that protects not only her own family but protects her family at the school,” Richland High School principal Richard Sutton told Today. Thames never missed a day of school because of her treatments.

With the help of the Today Show‘s Hoda Kotb, Alisha’s husband Cliff arranged a day of pampering and adventure that was beyond deserved.

“It was an opportunity to give her a perfect day,” he said. “She gets to feel spoiled and like a princess for the day.”

Alisha got to hop on a private jet to an unknown destination, where one country superstar was waiting patiently. Check out her entire adventure below.

The evening also marked Thames’ first concert ever. It was obvious that her surprise encounter with Luke Bryan was one that she’d never forget.

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“We love doing this,” Bryan told Thames with tears in his eyes. “Sorry for everything you’ve been going through. We know it’s a struggle. Glad you’re beaten it. Awesome.”

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Cancer Survivor Gets Heartwarming Surprise from Luke Bryan