Canaan Smith's Emotional Tim McGraw Cover Will Give You Goosebumps

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Another "Forever Country" cover series video has been released, this one featuring Canaan Smith taking on Tim McGraw's "Please Remember Me." While it can be a challenge to do justice to such iconic songs, Smith's rendition will most definitely leave you with chills.

His aching vocals, accompanied only by a solo electric guitar, leave listeners hanging on to each lyrical line. The "Love You Like That" singer chose to cover this sad song because he had a personal experience with it.

"I chose to cover the Tim McGraw version of 'Please Remember Me' because I remember actually it was one of the first songs that truly made the hair on my arms raise up," he told Sounds Like Nashville. "This song was like the first song that ever hit me in a way where I wasn't just listening to music to sing along... Songs are stories and that one stands out to me," he later continued.

Watch Canaan Smith's impressive performance below.

CMA's "Forever Country" series was created in honor of the organization's 50th anniversary. The series of videos feature today's stars paying homage to classic country songs of the past. "Please Remember Me" was nominated for Single and Song of the Year in 1999.

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Canaan Smith's Emotional Tim McGraw Cover Will Give You Goosebumps