Can You Spot the 500 Sheep Hiding in This Pic?

Last fall, Saskatchewan farmer Leizel Kennedy had some trouble finding her flock of more than 500 sheep. When she looked out across her farm, all she could see was an empty field. Where in the heck did all those sheep go?

Photo: Leizel Kennedy

On closer inspection, Liezel realized they were hiding in plain view.  "I drove right by them the first time," she told BuzzFeed.

Here's a closer shot. See them now?

Via Leizel Kennedy @pilgrimfarms

Oh, yup! There they are.

Via Leizel Kennedy @pilgrimfarms

Very sneaky.

Via Leizel Kennedy @pilgrimfarms

Apparently, she has the same problem during spring and summer. Can you find them in the images below?

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.02.49 PM
Images via Leizel Kennedy @pilgrimfarms

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Can You Spot the 500 Sheep Hiding in This Pic?