can you hear me phone scam

This New Phone Scam Could Make You a Victim with Just One Word

There's a new phone scam that's sweeping the nation and it may be the scariest one yet. The "can you hear me" phone scam could make you a victim with just one word.

The Better Business Bureau originally reported this growing phone scam last year, but it's since become a rapidly growing issue. The BBB says the calls usually come from an unknown number, but the area code may look local. When the call is answered, an automated voice starts to introduce themselves and pitch their product before they ask, "Can you hear me?"

If you answer them with "yes" or "okay," your voice can potentially be used to sign you up the product or item they're pitching. They'll then demand a payment, since they use your recorded yes as a verbal agreement. It's a tricky, tricky scam, but the BBB wants to help.

The bureau suggests that you don't answer calls from any phone numbers you don't know. If you do pick up the phone, hang up. Do not engage with them. Don't respond. Don't press any buttons. Obviously, don't give out personal information or confirm any details they might give you. Remember, government agencies won't try to call you to make contact.

Lastly, they suggest that you report the incident to help save others from falling victim to this potential scam. Write down the phone number and file a report with the BBB's Scam Tracker. You can also report it with the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call List. While you're there, register your number for the list so you don't receive any pesky sales calls.

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