Can You Spot What Makes This Horse Unlike Any You’ve Seen Before?

Although all young horses have a certain quality that hits you right in the heart, this foal has one that’s extra-special and has made him the main attraction in town.

The young horse was born at Flying Hall riding school at Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire in England. Shortly after he was born, his caretakers noticed a very unique pattern on his back. The white area on his side is the perfect outline of a horse, complete with its own mane.

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It’s an amazing coincidence the patch looks just like another horse — Something unlike anyone at the school had seen before. The horse’s beautiful markings led his owners to name him “Da Vinci”, a fitting name for an animal who’s a living work of art.

Wendy Bulmer, an instructor at the riding school, told the Daily Mail that Da Vinci has also given students their first opportunity to interact with a newborn foal. Because he has experienced plenty of human interaction from birth, Da Vinci is incredibly friendly and easy to work with.

Overall, Da Vinci has brought a new sense of joy and excitement to the staffers and riders at Flying Hall, likely to last a lifetime.

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Can You Spot What Makes This Horse Unlike Any You’ve Seen Before?