cat hiding

Can You Spot the Cat Hiding in This Woodpile?

Here's a puzzle for you: Can you find the cat lounging in the woodpile below? He's hiding in plain sight.

The photo has been making the rounds online since it was posted to Reddit on Sunday.

Need a hint? Try looking for a place where a feline would lounge for a cat nap.

You'll kick yourself when you find it.

This kitty has definitely found a place where it can really blend in.

Still can't find it?

Look at the top of the wood pile in the center of the image. You'll see the cat stretched out on a log facing the camera.

The photo is still puzzling some Reddit users. Some wrote that they started seeing cats where there weren't any.

"Before I saw the real cat, I was convinced I had found the creepy cat looking through the stacks in a shadowy spot. Just below and left of the real cat," wrote one user.

"The cat face I saw also looks like a small human face," wrote another user. "Maybe red-ish eyes. Only half the face peeking. I can't see anything else now. Damn."

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This post was originally published on August 4, 2016.