You Can Now Buy Lawn-Grazing Goats on Amazon

Amazon wants you to ditch your lawnmower and order some lawn-grazing goats.

Online retailer Amazon is now one step closer to offering almost anything for purchase from their website - even goats. Earlier this year, the company launched Amazon Home Services, where customers can order assistance with furniture assembly, car repairs and other everyday inconveniences. Alongside all of these fairly common services is "Goat Grazing," which is probably one of the most unique and surprising options offered.

If you order the service, Amazon will send out an expert to determine just how many goats are needed to take adequate care of your yard. After that, you can enjoy all the joys of watching some cute goats take care of your overgrown grass while you can relax and enjoy some free time. Amazon even touts the fact that the goats give you an added bonus: their leftover manure is free fertilizer for your yard!

The service is currently only available in select cities. To order some grass-guzzling goats for yourself, find out more about the service on Amazon.

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You Can Now Buy Lawn-Grazing Goats on Amazon