spare key
Screengrab via YouTube

Never Get Locked Out of Your House Again with This DIY Spare Key Hack


YouTube user DaveHax has come up with an ingenious way of creating a spare key with just a few common household items. Although it takes a little patience and elbow grease, it's worth giving a try.

All you need to create your own spare key is a lighter, a piece of tape, a lid from an aluminum can, and a pair of scissors. You'll need to keep the key above the flame of the lighter until it becomes black on the outside. Set it aside and let it cool, then cover it with a piece of tape. Next, transfer that piece of tape to the aluminum can lid that you've already cut apart. Then, simply use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out your key.

This DIY key will be much thinner and flimsier than your normal key, so it may take a little bit of effort to get the key to crack the lock. Be careful that you aren't too forceful with it, as it may break or tear.


Try keeping your DIY key under a rock or in a safe place in case of emergency. You'll be glad you did!

This post was originally published on August 22, 2016.