You Can Make These Simple S’more Roll-Ups in Minutes

There are few things more satisfying than creating the perfect s’more.

For me, sticking the chocolate to the marshmallow is crucial to making this tasty treat really satisfying. The biggest issue is trying to keep all these gooey ingredients together and not on your hands, lap or any other body part other than your mouth.

Plus, sometimes I end up craving s’mores when there isn’t a fire close by. I’ve even tried a version heated in the microwave; but it never seems to turn out the way I want it. There has to be a better way!


Some insane genius created this awesome GIF showing us all how to create the next-level version of our beloved childhood snack.

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All you have to do is cut off the crust from a piece of white bread, flatten it out, fill it with chocolate and marshmallow and roll that baby up. Slap some on a pan coated with melted butter and you have adorable little s’more burritos. Roll ’em in some crushed graham crackers and dip ’em in melted chocolate. You could even mix up your ingredients and add in some strawberries or Nutella. The possibilities are endless.

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You Can Make These Simple S’more Roll-Ups in Minutes