Cam's TED Talk
Screengrab via YouTube

Cam's TED Talk Shines a Light on the Healing Power of Music

For many, music is nothing more than a noise you hear in passing. But for others, a song can be the lifeline that helps them carry on through trying times. In her TEDx Talk at the University of Nevada, breakthrough artist Cam shared her firsthand experience of how powerful music can really be.

Before she shot to fame with her hit single "Burning House," Cam obtained a psychology degree and worked in the field. This experience gives her an especially intriguing bit of insight into how music has helped humans survive and thrive through trying times.

"Music carries the burden of our heartbreak," she explains in her speech. "It allows us to process grief. It reminds us that good things are coming and it lets us know that we are not struggling alone."

Watch Cam's full TED Talk below.

TED Talks are a series of speeches from those in a multitude of fields, from science to the arts, to give listeners insight into various topics. Cam is one of the first major country stars to give a TED Talk, and it's safe to say she did an impeccable job.

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