See Glen Campbell Join Johnny Cash for 'Folsom Prison Blues'

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Do you remember when two of country music's most unique performers teamed up for an unforgettable televised duet?

During the 1970s, country music began to separate into a variety of different sub-genres. On one end of the spectrum, artists like Johnny Cash were supporting the "outlaw country" movement, while singers like Glen Campbell were infusing more pop sounds into their releases.

The success of the television show The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour was built from its incredible roster of special musical guests. One of the most memorable collaborations from the series happened when Cash joined Campbell for a rendition of his hit song, "Folsom Prison Blues."

Although at the time Campbell was known for his pop-influenced tracks, he seamlessly added country harmonies to the already much-beloved song. By revisiting this performance decades later, we're able to look into a performance that shows one of those pivotal moments when country music was evolving into what it is today.

Cash passed away in 2003, and Campbell has been robbed of his ability to play music by his worsening Alzheimer's disease. Still, we are all incredibly lucky to have had this unique crossover performance documented for the next generations of country fans to enjoy.

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See Glen Campbell Join Johnny Cash for 'Folsom Prison Blues'