Our Favorite Camp Ovens That'll Turn Camping into Glamping

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So you wanna bake while enjoying the great outdoors. Bring the kitchen outside with a camp oven! Portable camping ovens make it easy and fun to turn your camp kitchen into a kitchen Gordon Ramsay could cook in. Whether you are car camping, tailgating, or even backpacking, a portable camp oven is a great addition to your camping trip.

What is the difference between a camp oven and a Dutch oven?

While they can both be used to bake goods when it comes to outdoor cooking, a camp oven is usually heated with a propane liquid fuel heat source (some are even solar powdered)while dutch ovens are made from cast iron and cooked on a burner stove or in a campfire.

What is a camp oven used for?

What can't you cook in it? Since it is small, a camp oven is best used for baked goods such as cinnamon rolls, bread rolls, and small casseroles. The sky is really the limit!

What is the best camp oven?

When it comes to purchasing a camp oven, there are two main contenders from Coleman and Camp Chef. Both camp ovens have their benefits.

The Most Popular - Coleman Camp Oven

A popular pick, the Coleman Portable Camping Oven is utilitarian in design and works with your Coleman camp stove. The easy-to-clean aluminum construction resists scratches and corrosion and folds flat for ease of transport.

The 10-inch oven racks are adjustable to hold a variety of different cookware while the oven thermometer is easy to read. Since it fits easily on the camping stove, this compact oven is great for tent camping and includes a 1-year warranty.

All the Bells and Whistles - Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camping Oven

Heavy duty and capable of holding a temperature of 350º F for up to 7 hours, the Camp Chef outdoor camp oven boasts 3,000 BTU of oven heat with a matchless ignition. Big enough to hold a 9 x 13 pan, no camper has ever been this prepared.

But wait, there's more! The combo oven also includes its own stovetop! Use the bulk tank adapter to hold larger butane canisters, to keep your oven fueled up at all times.

The only con is the stainless steel construction makes it heavy and harder to carry. But that's what you get when you bring a pizza oven to the camp site.