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Camila McConaughey is the Star of the Household When it Comes to the Kitchen

Camila McConaughey is best known for her iconic fashion designs and red carpet looks, along with being married to Matthew McConaughey. However, this talented Brazilian-American designer's skills extend far beyond the world of fashion. She's also a talented cook and is renowned for her aesthetically-pleasing Brazilian recipes and healthy weeknight meals.

Camila McConaughey was born and raised in Brazil, but at 15 years old, she decided to set down roots in the U.S. after visiting her aunt in L.A. She then lived in New York City, where she pursued a career as a fashion model, following the footsteps of her artist-designer mother. McConaughey now lives in Austin, Texas with Matthew McConaughey and their three children. 

Along with being a model, designer, wife and mother, McConaughey is an excellent cook. She's the founder of Yummy Spoonfuls, the ambassador for food company Forno de Minas, and the co-author of children's book "Just Try One Bite." The talented model also has her own lifestyle and food website, Women of Today, which features easy, delectable recipes.

Camila Alves McConaughey "Just Try One Bite" Book Tour - Austin, TX

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For this successful designer and model, cooking is about more than just eating a meal. As she told E! News, "The kitchen is the heart of my home, it is wide open and inviting for everyone to come in. That's where we meet during breaks, that's where we start and end our day. It is a sacred place to share a meal, break bread, learn skills and make memories that will help build character."

McConaughey is from the Brazilian state Minas Gerais, and she has continued many of the cooking traditions that come from her country of origin. The model loves pao de queijo, which is essentially cheese-filled bread rolls, along with Brazilian Chicken Stroganoff. She also specializes in a delectable dish called Branzino, which is a butterflied fish oven roasted with rosemary and lemon and served with sauteed vegetables. 

Along with using food to build memories and connect with her heritage, McConaughey focuses on healthy, efficient recipes that make it easy for working parents to eat well without sacrificing wellness. Check out her website Women of Today to try some of her recipes for yourself.

This post was originally published on July 22, 2021.

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