Medieval 'Camelot' Mansion up for Sale in Texas

If you've ever wanted to immerse your self in a world of kings, queens and castles, this unique home near Austin might just a be a dream come true.

Nicknamed "Dunvegan Keep," this impressive home in Shady Hollow, Texas took a staggering 25 years to complete. According to Trulia, the home is listed for $2,285,000 and features 6,362 square feet of medieval beauty.

The current owner, Craig Turner, is responsible for its beauty and charm. He completely designed the home and allowed it to evolve over the years to the work of art it is today.

The entry into the home is a bold one, featuring massive antique doors. Once you walk inside, stone sculptures and stained glass windows help transport you into another world.

One of the most beautiful rooms in the home is the family room, which features its very own castle fireplace.

Even the master suite features a feel of royalty. It has beautiful artwork on the ceiling, columns, and has a fantastic view of the gardens outside.

While the kitchen has all the modern appliances you need, the medieval theme carried over with columns, arches and décor from Mexico, India and Thailand.

Purple is the theme of the dining room, which is also a color that goes well with the royalty theme of the home. The ornate details continue throughout the chamber, including detailed molding and unique flooring.

Turner continued the romantic, medieval theme to the outdoor living area as well. The beautiful home features a stunning garden sanctuary and water feature, complete with massive columns and sculptures to finish off the look.


As beautiful as the home is, Turner says that his favorite piece of the property isn't in the home itself. The "Knight's Retreat," located at the rear of the property, is filled with armor, dragons and swords.

The home has become a popular spot to host weddings, and the Turners have witnessed many beautiful unions in their home. Hopefully, the new owners will carry on this tradition for the community that has come to adore this unique property.

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