Cam Surprises Her Two Most Adorable Fans at the Opry

Screengrab via YouTube

Cute alert! In a recent performance at the Grand Ole Opry, Cam had a chance to surprise her littlest fans, Emmy Lou and Kinzlee.

The two friends, age four and five, became social media famous with their rendition of Cam’s hit “Burning House.” So naturally, the Opry found them and brought them to the show.

“I actually first saw that video on Twitter,” Cam says. “I was going through it and saw it, and thought how adorable this was, and then I heard through the Opry reaching out, saying, ‘We’d love for you to meet them,’ and I was already so excited cause I had seen that video.”

The pair of tykes went backstage and played around in the Opry dressing room. The Opry even gave them stuffed animal bears to play with. Then, as they started singing “Burning House,” Cam showed up to make the duet a trio.

Watch their adorable reaction below.

Cam won over fans both old and young with her golden vocals. (And her golden hair and golden personality to match). Her debut album Untamed landed critical praise, including a Grammy nomination for “Burning House.”

The 31-year-old budding star recently hit the road, even sharing some dates with Dierks Bentley. Her second single “Mayday” peaked at No. 32 on the Hot Country Songs Billboard chart.

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Cam Surprises Her Two Most Adorable Fans at the Opry