Cam Revisits an Old Flame in 'Burning House' Video

Country newcomer Cam tries to let go of an old flame in her new video for "Burning House."

The talented new artist relives the intense dream that inspired her latest single. She journeys through a party scene in the smoldering building, where she encounters the ex that she just can't let go.

"It's a really vulnerable song because it comes from a real place. I didn't handle the end of a relationship very well. I wanted to apologize for that. It was like guilt around it," Cam told Rolling Stone Country. "It's a tough song, because there is no Disney movie for when you love someone a lot and they're almost perfect, but they're not. They're not a villain, but they're not Prince Charming. So what do you do with all that love? It comes out in crazy dreams of burning houses."

It's a ominous yet heartfelt video that artfully tackles the feeling of loss that comes after a breakup. The stripped-down track is centered around Cam's haunting vocals, which convey the mixture of emotions that emerge when revisiting past relationships. Hopefully Cam's artistic style and inarguable talent, which are spotlighted in "Burning House," will pave the way for more female artists who are fighting to earn their place in mainstream country.

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Cam Revisits an Old Flame in 'Burning House' Video