Watch Cam Join Eric Church for 'Like Jesus Does' at Red Rocks

Screengrab via YouTube

"This is like the most magical night of my life," country starlet Cam said about opening up for Eric Church at Colorado's famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre this past weekend.

The chart-topping newcomer warmed up the crowd before the Chief himself took the stage. Then, during Church's amazing (as always) set, he invited the "Burning House" singer to re-join him on stage for a special rendition of "Like Jesus Does."

The crowd went crazy as they saw Cam re-enter the scene while Church was singing the stripped-down track. Thankfully, a nearby concertgoer had a camera to capture the dreamy duet. Although the video quality is a bit blurry, what is incredibly clear is the fact that Cam and Eric Church's voice are a match made in heaven. Furthermore, the acoustic instrumentation really added to the intimacy of the song.

Watch the video and listen to their killer harmonies below.

We love how Cam bows down in adoration in the middle of the performance. Also, everyone in the crowd must have been jealous when she shared a fist bump with Church at the end of the song.

"Everyone stood up for us!! I can't even," Cam said on Instagram, along with a photo of the special moment with Church. What a cool experience for Cam to be able to sing with her idol at such an iconic venue.

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Watch Cam Join Eric Church for 'Like Jesus Does' at Red Rocks