Man is Insanely Calm as Tornado Passes Over Him

It’s best to stay calm in a situation that’s beyond your control, but this man takes that calm to a whole new level as a massive tornado rolls by.

On April 9, 2015, on northern Illinois’ Interstate 39, Sam Smith learned he must have a guardian angel on his shoulder. It seems as though he was stuck in the road when the storm kicked into overdrive and produced this enormous beast, heading directly toward him.

Slate reached out to Sam Smith to find out more about the situation when he told them, “I was on a business trip from Minneapolis to Indiana and happened upon the tornado. I was not tornado chasing. I live in North Carolina and have never encountered a tornado in my life.”

You have to admire his cool and collected response. Instead of losing his mind like any regular person would do, he starts filming and talking himself through the experience. Under distress, it does help to focus on doing something, anything, to get your mind off the problem at hand. On how he handled it so well, Smith only had this to say: “In my defense, I was terrified inside…I felt I needed to remain calm for him,” Sam’s 14-year-old son he thought of while filming.

While Smith’s method of staying calm and taking a deep breath absolutely helped him stay calm, it makes the footage that much more ridiculous. It’s hard to tell how wide across the tornado was, but it looked mean. Even as it rolls by his truck, he just narrates that the truck feels like it’ll lift off the ground. “I’m not lyin’,” he says, and there’s no questioning his truthfulness.


This is a scene straight from Twister and it’s awesome that this guy and his truck survived merely with one bent mirror and one funny video. It’s like the tornado even admired his calm and decided to side step him. Sam Smith, however, is a reluctant Internet star. As he told Slate“I know a lot of folks are grateful to have their 15 minutes of fame. I am not that guy.”

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Man is Insanely Calm as Tornado Passes Over Him