These Californians Trying Tennessee Moonshine Is Absolute Hilarity [WATCH]

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From the bootlegger’s backwoods to being pleasantly packaged in a Mason jar, one might say moonshine has made a comeback, but, as you may know, the infamous substance didn’t come without its barriers and a long history of legal battles.

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Once an outlawed beverage, the drink — formed by mixing together ingredients like cornmeal, yeast, sugar and sometimes rye or barley — first gained popularity during the Prohibition era, when the banning of the product gave buyers a reason to want to get their hands on it. Thus, the drink became a secret source of profit for moonshine makers. Underground stills gave peddlers a way to dabble with different elements and contents of creation.

In 2010, the sale of moonshine earned approval by the government and has since moved into the hands of Californians. Movoto Originals took a look at six different folks from the Golden State and tested out their taste buds on select brands. Needless to say, they brought humor to a whole new level.

“Where has this been all my life?” asked taste tester Adam to his friend Maggie.

Looking as if she had just got done eating a bucket of lemons, Maggie joked the devilish drink must’ve been made from the gates of hell.

“This is like liquid grandpa candy that gets you drunk,” she said.

Chosen from four of Tennessee’s finest distilleries, participants got to taste flavors like Sugarlands Shine’s Butterscotch Gold Moonshine, Mark Roger’s American Peach and Jack Daniels Unaged.

Check out the hilarious reactions below.

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These Californians Trying Tennessee Moonshine Is Absolute Hilarity [WATCH]