California Teacher Wins Lawsuit After Being Fired For Refusing To Address Student By Their Preferred Pronouns
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California Teacher Wins Lawsuit After Being Fired For Refusing To Address Student By Their Preferred Pronouns

The California teacher Jessica Tapia won big in a settlement with the Riverside school district. She was fired from her position after declining to address a transgender student by their chosen pronouns.

Tapia's argument was that terminating her over this issue was a violation of her First Amendment rights as an American. Tapia and the lawyers also utilized her religious belief as a means to get a leg up on the judicial system. "I felt like I couldn't be a teacher and a Christian at the same time," she argued to Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

Ultimately, Tapia won big in a settlement with the district. She was swiftly granted a payout of $360,000.

Despite the agreement to pay Tapia, the school district maintained they did nothing wrong. Jacqueline Paul, serving as spokesperson for the district, insists this is for the betterment of the school. "The decision to settle this case was made in conjunction with the District's self-insurance authority and in the best interest of the students," she said, "Such that the District can continue to dedicate all of its resources and efforts to educate and support its student population regardless of their protected class."

People React to Tapia Lawsuit

Tapia's refusal over pronouns is inciting fiery reactions surrounding transgender rights and freedom of expression in schools.

Of course, your usual X accounts are taking the angle of Tapia standing up for what she believes in. One user is overjoyed, "Thanks to @TuckerCarlson interview with Jessica and for exposing this horrible breach of religious and parental rights. Excellent and great news she won the lawsuit and good for her for following her heart. Her pronouns are 'I'm Rich/B—h.'"

I don't buy that this is some sort of moral victory for Tapia. Conservative media will always try to paint this as some grand statement of justice, a way to 'take the schools back.' This isn't Tapia 'fighting against the woke.' She was fired. She needs money more than she doesn't respect LGBTQ+ children and their pronouns. Instead of coasting on unemployment, she saw an opportunity. Now she's sitting on $360,000.

This also gives an out for the school district. This was never about the school district feverishly fighting for their students. The lawsuit explicitly states that Tapia was put on administrative leave after someone shared her social media posts with the school. The school wishes to wash its hands of this incident rather than fight for any justice.