This California Ranch is Giving Wild Horses a Second Chance

Facebook/Montgomery Creek Ranch

Over the past few decades, wild horses have found themselves being pushed out of their longtime grazing lands. As properties and neighborhoods are developed, these once free-roaming creatures are left without homes and sometimes end up in the middle of urban areas. This can be dangerous for the animals, who may end up unknowingly walking into busy roadways.

Thankfully, one ranch in California has made it their mission to let these wild horses run free in a safe and healthy habitat. Montgomery Creek Ranch acts as a sanctuary for these horses, and has hundreds of acres of land for animals to roam and explore for the rest of their days. After transporting a huge herd of nearly a hundred horses to the ranch after having their hooves trimmed, the horses seem happier than ever in their new home.

Now that they are in tip-top shape, they can go about their days as they please without any risk of injury. Although it once was a common sight in America, it’s incredibly rare to see so many horses galloping alongside each other across an open field today. Workers at the ranch were able to capture the moment that the horses were released back into the ranch, and it is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

Click below to see a group of wild horses make their way across California’s scenic Montgomery Creek Ranch.

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This California Ranch is Giving Wild Horses a Second Chance