California Journalist Stops Reporting to Save Horses from Fire

Television reporters see an awful lot of upsetting things, but one California journalist had to step in when dozens of horses were in danger from a fast-spreading wildfire.

Kristine Lazar and her cameraman Marvin Stone were at Gibson Ranch in Sunland, Calif. to report on the creek fire that was swiftly gaining ground into Sunland. The fire had already created so much smoke that it was difficult for the reporter to speak.

"We've got thick black smoke and flames on the ranch," Lazar stated. "I'm sorry, it's hard to talk, it's hard to keep my eyes open because the smoke is so thick."

Gibson Ranch is an equestrian center where many people board their horses. The wildfire created a dangerous situation for the animals, who all had to be evacuated. Frantic owners had no way of knowing where their horses would end up. Some were putting tape on their animals with their name and phone number so that they could find them after evacuation.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Lazar shouted to a volunteer rescuer, "Yeah, grab a horse!" they shouted back.

Kristine, clad in a yellow jacket, protective eye gear and a face mask ran up to help evacuate the horses.

At a suggestion from the anchor, cameraman Marvin Stone set the camera down and also pitched in to save the animals.

In the video you can hear the horses whinnying loudly, clearly in distress from the ordeal. Watch the harrowing video above.

California has been battling wildfires across the state since April this year. A severe drought plagued California for the past five years, which left the Golden State a dry tinderbox. High winds caused the fires to spread quickly. The most recent fires started this Monday, Dec. 4.

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California Journalist Stops Reporting to Save Horses from Fire