Cale Tyson Revives the Joyful Sorrow of Traditional Country With 'Old Time Blues' [VIDEO]


Fort Worth native Cale Tyson has been creating tunes evolved from a very different time in country music. Before tractors and tailgates, there was a time when outlaws, whiskey and women were the focal point of country singers' lives and lyrics.

Decades later, Tyson is leading the pack of young, Nashville-based country crooners who are bringing back the kind of traditional country that can't be found on mainstream radio. His sound is a mixture of all the best 1970s era country legends, staying away from any sort of underlying phony caricature. Although his sound is a throwback to the golden days of the genre, he brings a modern style and sophistication drawing in the listener like a moth to a flame.

"Old Time Blues" combines all of the best qualities found in Tyson's recordings. The driving pedal steel and bouncy upright bass flow effortlessly with his lyrics of utter heartbreak and despair. The honest lyrics provide the kind of comforting sorrow that engulfs you like the burn from a swift shot of whiskey. Still, he has the finesse only found in the best and most talented of performers, making that intense and relatable pain come through with every cutting line.

Tyson will be out on tour through the end of July and is also set to play the Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville, Tenn. later this September. To learn more and hear additional tracks from Cale Tyson, visit his official website.

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Cale Tyson Revives the Joyful Sorrow of Traditional Country With 'Old Time Blues' [VIDEO]