Buy Military Humvees

This Auction is Selling Humvees, Trucks, and Military Gear for Ridiculously Low Prices

What better way to celebrate American independence than with insanely good deals on some primo, military gear.

From June 27-29, GovPlanet will hold their 4th of July sale, which features a ton of military surplus vehicles and equipment for as low as $1,200.

Yessiree, you can snap up Humvees, pickups, semi trucks and more, all for a fraction of what you'd pay at a dealership or private seller. Here's a sample of some of the goods up for grabs.




This auction isn't just for buyers looking for a new whip. The sale features military-grade water pumps, generators, backhoes, dump trucks and other types of equipment.

So, if you're looking to assemble a fortress/private army for an impending post-apocalyptic American landscape — or just looking to re-purpose a few pieces of military history — this sale is one you shouldn't pass up.

Power generators are priced around $400.

Need a water pump? They got plenty of them for dirt cheap.

The auction kicks off online June 27-29 at

In case you're wondering, GovPlanet is an online marketplace where local, state and federal agencies, including the military, sell their surplus vehicles and equipment. GovPlanet also holds the Defense Logistics Agency contract that allows them to sell all surplus, military vehicles and equipment. Bid and buy your own Humvee, or other pieces of military history before they're all gone.

GovPlanet is an IronPlanet marketplace and is now part of the Ritchie Bros family. You can view their full auction schedule to help fill all of your vehicle and equipment needs.

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