What Is Butterfly Pea Tea + How to Make It at Home

Looking for the next great thing to bring to the tea party? Turn your glass of iced tea into a kaleidoscope of colors with butterfly pea flower tea. Used for years in Southeast Asia as a drink and a natural food coloring, this caffeine-free tea changes colors based on the pH level of the drink, making this herbal tea color-changing.

Even Starbucks has jumped onto the trend. The coffee chain released its newest drink, the Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew. The color-changing tea is layered with lemonade, turning the drink blue to purple, then topped with cold brew coffee. While combining coffee and lemonade doesn't sound like a complete match, this combo totally works.

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But don't go running to your nearest Starbucks to get a taste of the drink - it's available only in Asia for a limited time.

However that never stops us here in the United States, and you too can recreate the drink at home without leaving the comfort of your pajamas.

How to Make Starbuck's Butterfly Pea Tea Cold Brew 

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First things first, you need to track down the butterfly pea tea which is also called dried clitoria flower tea. Thankfully a quick search on the internet will provide you with the ingredients you need to make this blue tea. You can get the tea here.

Interesting enough dried butterfly pea tea doesn't taste fruity at all, contradicting what it's deep blue color might suggest. Instead the tea drink carries earthy flavors that almost mimic the flavors of green tea. In Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam Butterfly Pea Tea is commonly served as nam dok anchan, with honey and lemon. Sounds good to me!

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According to Bon Appétit, the reason the tea turns colors is because of the pH levels. Like hydrangeas which bloom different colors depending on the pH of the soil, the dried butterfly pea flowers act the same way.

Add in some lemon and the blue drink will turn a deep purple. Combine the tea with hibiscus and the drink is pink.

So once you've got the tea, it's time to add it all together. Prepare the iced tea by adding the butterfly pea tea to boiling water. Allow to seep for a few minutes then remove the tea leaves. Add ice and chill.

Once the tea is chilled, add it to a glass. Layer with lemonade and iced coffee and enjoy.

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