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Butcher Holler, Kentucky is Hallowed Ground Every Country Fan Should Visit at Least Once

The coal mining town of Butcher Holler (or Butcher Hollow), Kentucky, is the birthplace of country music legend Loretta Lynn. Her home and the town in general not only got some love throughout her music career but became a tourist attraction that you can visit today. It's a must-see for any country fan to see Lynn's humble beginnings before she became one of the greatest voices in the history of country music.

The home is located in Johnson County, which Lynn honored in her timeless hit, "Coal Miner's Daughter." Her song also mentions the larger town of Van Lear, where Butcher Holler is located. The country singer was the eldest daughter and second born to her mother and coal miner father, Clary and Ted Webb. Now, the "holler" is what remains of the formerly thriving coal mining community.

CIRCA 1955: Country singer Loretta Lynn poses for a portrait with a man (perhaps her husband Mooney) in circa 1955 in Butcher Holler, Kentucky

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Loretta Webb and her seven siblings lived in their "cabin on a hill" off their father's coal mining salary, but he did his best to ensure everyone felt loved and had food on the table. Loretta left home at 15 when she got married and went on to become a massive star. Her sister Crystal Gayle also found success as a country music singer, making their childhood home in the tiny town in Kentucky a tourist destination for longtime fans.

If you find yourself in Eastern Kentucky and want to stop into Loretta Lynn's home, then you'll need to also stop at Webb's Grocery in Van Lear. The 100-year-old store was owned and maintained by Lynn's brother Herman Webb until his death in 2018. Initially an old coal mining camp store, you'll be able to bring home some keepsakes and snacks. The actual home has guided tours that are only $5, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. every day of the week, with no reservations required. Lynn's brother Herman even gave the tours himself, with other family members stepping in when he's unavailable. He undoubtedly had numerous stories about his famous sisters growing up singing on the front porch, having no idea what the future held.

The inside of the home also contains numerous original family items ranging from their mother's washboard, bed, and more. The fee for the tour has remained $5 for years, keeping true to the family's humble beginnings. This isn't a flashy tourist attraction like Graceland, but that's part of the charm Butcher Holler has to offer fans of the late, great Loretta Lynn.

This article was originally published in June of 2019. It was updated on Oct. 17, 2022. 

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