Craft Beer Is Here To Stay At Asheville's Burial Brewery

The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet. You know what that means. The patios are all open. In Asheville, North Carolina, one of the best ones just happens to be at Burial Beer Co., where the craft beer will keep you cool.

It's a safe bet to go to your local grocery store and pick up a case of the usual beer. But why would you want to do that week after week, when you can get a taste of fresh beer coming straight out of a taproom just miles down the road?

Burial Beer Co.


Craft beer is definitely something that takes a liking. It's not light, in the sense that it's easy to chug them down fast. But can you get a light craft beer? For sure! At Burial's beer company, the choices are endless.

Located at "...the South Slope District of Asheville, NC, the brewery began its life in summer 2013 as a one-barrel system that grew to a ten-barrel in just over a year," their website states. Overtime, founders Jess Reiser and Tim Gormley have grown their tap list and now have new weekly releases. They have a total of 27 pages of beer just on their website.

IPA, dark ale, imperial stout, Belgian blonde, pilsner, pale ale, and lager, they have it all. Their crafts are bold and hoppy, and come in a mix of can and bottle releases. The "beers are offered seasonally and with intentionality."

If you want double the dry-hop, try Mosaic, Galaxy or Simcoe. And if you really want to step out of the box, ask for the Skillet Donut Stout. "This breakfast stout is made from a blend of nine barley malts, a healthy scoop of oats, milk and molasses sugars, and our favorite blend of freshly roasted Counter Culture Coffee beans." It has 8% ABV.

Craft beer is definitely the patio beer to get people outside in for the spring. While you enjoy some sips on the patio at the Burial Beer Co. Collier Ave. location, you can also order food from their in-house kitchen. "The menu is inspired by the seasonal availability of produce, our connection to local farms and feature Camp Grocery products out of Forestry Camp Bar and Restaurant," they say. And if none of that entices you, their VISUALS wine and cider are also available.

Burial Beer Co. also has two other locations - one in Raleigh and another one in Charlotte. The Raleigh location is more of a cafe setting with tables for "working from home." The Charlotte location is their newest concept, opening soon in the Midwood neighborhood. There, you'll be able to enjoy your craft beer in their outdoor beer garden or the rooftop deck.

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