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The 7 Best Old-Fashioned Burgers in Texas

We know that the best burger places are the ones that are local treasures that have stood the test of time and are still serving up the perfect old-fashioned burger for anyone who craves the taste of delectable nostalgia. We have comprised a list of our favorite old-fashioned burgers that are big enough to feed any hungry Texan and delicious enough to keep out-of-staters craving another trip to their favorite burger joint deep in the heart of Texas.

From San Antonio to the Panhandle, here are the mouthwatering burgers in Texas that every Lone Star Stater has grown up loving and everyone else can't help but crave.

1. San Antonio: The Barry Burger at Brenda's Burgers

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Deep in the heart of the Alamo City is a charming burger joint steeped in a 1950s theme and excellent customer service, all while serving up some of the best burgers you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. Brenda's Burgers prides itself on hefty and scrumptious burgers that will take you back to the good ol' days.

Their Barry Burger is everything you could dream of packed into one toasted bun. Grilled onions, jalapeños, and cheese make this burger one that melts in your mouth while giving your taste buds a bit of a kick. Pair yours with one of their signature peanut butter shakes and a side of Frito pie, because treat yo'self.

2. Houston: The Double Cheeseburger at Bubba's Texas Burger Shack

Bubba's Texas Burger Shack is just that, a quaint burger shack located under the Westpark Tollway, but don't let this humble joint fool you, there is a plethora of good reasons they made it to the top of our list.

Bubba's has been serving grass-fed Buffalo burgers for over 30 years and their double cheeseburger is nothing short of pure meaty goodness. So, indulge in one of their burgers today because Buffalo is substantially lower in fat and cholesterol than beef.

3. Austin: The Old-Fashioned Hamburger with Cheese at Sandy's Hamburgers

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This walk-up burger joint located just South of Downtown is an Austin original and is revered by Austinites as the best place to sink their teeth into a juicy cheeseburger. Sandy's Hamburgers is known for slathering their beefy burgers in a thick slice of cheese, which quickly melts into the meat creating a heavenly burger.

Be sure to save room for a butterscotch sundae or one of their chocolate-dipped cones, because this burger institution is also well-loved by the locals for having the best frozen custard around.

4. El Paso: The Dabble-Dabble Chuco Burger at Chuco Burgers and Dogs

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Close to a pound of freshly ground beef, seared up, and served with two melty layers of cheesy-goodness, the Dabble-Dabble Chuco Burger is one monster of a meal that is sure to leave you satisfied with sultry flavors.

Chuco Burgers and Dogs is an off-the-beaten-path burger joint nestled right on the United States and Mexican border, and is well-known for serving some of the best burgers in the state. Be sure to pair your burger with their chorizo cheese fries for an added Mexican flavor flair.

5. Dallas: The Double Bacon Cheeseburger at Uncle Uber's

This mammoth of a mouthful is sure to get your tummy grumbling with two layers of gooey cheddar cheese, mouth-watering beef, and stacks of crunchy bacon. Uncle Uber's has been adored by the city of Dallas since it opened its doors in 1992 and they pride themselves of serving up scrumptious burgers with a friendly, neighborhood feel.

Be sure to try their double bacon cheeseburger first, but the second time you come get their shaved ribeye steak sammich, because it's easily one of the best sandwiches in Texas.

6. Abilene, Amarillo, and Lubbock: The Bacon Cheeseburger at Blue Sky Texas

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With five locations around Abilene, Amarillo, and Lubbock, this popular Texas burger chain has certainly reaped the success of its succulent juicy burgers. Blue Sky Texas prides itself on having a laid-back Texas feel and for serving 100 percent ground chuck hand-formed, pure beef patties.

When you bite into this bacon cheeseburger you can tell that you are eating a burger that has been built with care and with the highest of quality ingredients.

7. San Marcos: Gil-A-Monster with Cheese at Gil's Broiler

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Gil's Broiler is the oldest restaurant in San Marcos, and with its ideal location right off of the square, it was easily my favorite place to grab a bite in-between classes while I was attending Texas State University.

This Gil-a-monster with cheese is the best way to refuel while sinking your teeth into a ground chuck burger, marinated and seasoned with Gil's special spices, but the one thing they're really know for is their take on the cinnamon roll—-the Manske Roll, so be sure to save room for one of those too.

Try 'em all and tell us what you think on Instagram with the hashtag, #WideOpenEats, happy eating, y'all!

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