#bungate18 Takes Over Texas Fast Food Restaurants

On Monday all Texas In-n-Out locations were closed due to a "bun problem". People didn't think much of it and went along with their day. However, it looks like In-n-Out was just the beginning. Today Raising Cane's, the chicken finger restaurant, has pulled Texas Toast from the menu citing quality concerns. And that's not all. Whataburger stopped serving their toast and buns in Texas as well as Oklahoma and Arkansas. What gives?

Going by the name of #bungate18 on social media, these three fast food chains are the first of the bun quality issue. Which brings up the point: do each of these stores use the same bun manufacturer?

Whataburger stated that the reason they pulled the buns was a flavor issue rather than a health risk. "There's no health risk at all," the statement said, "rather an impact on our bun's flavor caused by an unbalance in the yeast, and we want to make sure our customers get the best product."

Whataburger did not close down any locations, however offered the sandwiches on whole wheat buns, flour tortillas or bun-less.

Raising Cane's acted in the same way as Whataburger, letting customers know that they could order additional side orders to take place of the Texas toast.

It seems all is good now in the buniverse, Brandon Todd, reporter at a Dallas-Fort Worth Fox affiliate, shared a twitter post of his Whataburger served on a white bun.

According to KENS5, In-n-Out is already looking for a new Texas bread supplier. They have not confirmed if it is the same manufacturer of bread for Whataburger and Raising Cane's but In-n-Out executive VP of operations Bob Lang Jr. said, "I can tell you it's pretty ironic."

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