Build Your Own Tiny Cabin on Wheels for $1,500


Not totally cracked up on sleeping in a tent everywhere you go, but not willing to haul around or pay for a camper? This tiny cabin on wheels will meet you right in the middle, and it's a DIY project that you and a few friends could have a blast building

Thanks to Instructables, we have a step-by-step guide to creating this one-of-a-kind mobile cabin.

The first thing is to get a frame. They use a trailer frame, clean it up and give it a fresh coat of paint.

Tiny cabin on wheels frame

Step two is building the floor. They used 1x6's for the floor, ran them through a planner and edger and then covered it with some 1/8" plywood pieces.

Next came framing the walls, and they used 2x2's for that. They left openings for windows on three of the sides. Since the inside will only be about 6x10 feet, the windows should make it feel a little bigger.

tiny cabin on wheels

For the roof, they used, "1x3 rafters for the roof and 1x2 framing for the trusses." Keep in mind, they live in the Bay Area and snow will not be an issue for where they'll be camping.

The siding is made from 1/8" plywood and was attached quickly with a compressed air staple gun.

cabin on wheels plywood

The lapped exterior siding was made from, "rough milled cedar and fir boards of an average thickness of 1/4 inch." It gives the exterior of the cabin a very finished yet raw appeal.

cabin on wheels exterior

For insulation, they used recycled blue jeans and then finished the interior wall with lap boards like the exterior.

The second to last step is fitting the windows and door. For this cabin, they reused old trailer aluminum windows.

Now all that's left is to finish the roofing. They started with 8-foot sheets of 1/2-inch plywood laid across 1x3 rafters and then topped it with a red metal roof. All that was left after that was to trim it out to their needs and it was complete!

cabin on wheels

Find all of the detailed instructions for building this tiny cabin on wheels over on Instructables or purchase one from the crafters, Organic Builders.

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Build Your Own Tiny Cabin on Wheels for $1,500