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Bucket List Dreams You Can only Check off if You Own a Truck

A truck allows you to do so many things that just aren't possible with a regular car. From conquering rocky trails to throwing the ultimate tailgate party, here are some bucket list dreams you can only check off if you're a truck owner.

Drive cross-country with a trailer or camper

Ram Trucks

C'mon, you know you daydream about this at the office. With a truck like a RAM 3500, you can make the dream a reality. Take your family or head out solo and experience a trip you'll never forget.

Go muddin'

Ram Trucks

Muddin' is one of the most fun things you can do in a pickup truck and should be on every truck owner's bucket list. You haven't lived until you've ripped your 4x4 through a sloppy mud trail.

Conquer the desert

Ram Trucks

The western states have no shortage of incredible off-road desert trails for trucks. The legendary Mojave Road in California and White Rim Trail in Utah are two bucket list trips for many truck owners.

Conquer the mountains

Ram Trucks

Few things are as deeply satisfying as exploring a back road in the mountains. With a 4x4 like the RAM Power Wagon, you can get to those places. A couple roads on our list include the Alpine Loop Trail in Colorado and the Magruder Road Corridor through Montana and Idaho.

Throw the ultimate tailgate at a country festival

With a pickup truck, you're the life of the party at a country show or festival. Pull down the tailgate, gather your friends and fire up the grill. Take your pickup to the Tumbleweed Outlaw Country Festival in Kansas City or Faster Horses in Michigan for a tailgate experience you won't soon forget.

Go truck camping at a national park

Ram Trucks

A truck camper gives you the freedom to explore America's national parks like a true nomad. Having your gear and shelter on the back of your vehicle lets you travel faster and easier. What parks are on your bucket list?

Get horses and haul them in a trailer 

There's nothing better than hitting the trails on horseback. With up to 10,620 lbs max towing capacity, your RAM truck will easily pull your horse trailer through the stunning scenery of Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Canyon.

Get a lift kit

Ram Trucks

You know you've thought about it a few times. Lift kits look badass, and they'll give your truck's wheels more clearance when you hit the offroad trails.

Take a remote fly fishing trip in the backcountry

Ram Trucks

You need to have all the right tools on hand to have a successful fishing trip. Load up your truck with all your bait, rods and water gear and get ready to enjoy a peaceful day on the lake.

Get a boat and haul it wherever you want

At some point, we all want a boat. A pick-up truck gives you the power you need to haul your boat from your garage to the landing.

Get an ATV and take it where others don't

You'll need a pickup truck to take your ATV to the trails. Your RAM truck, equipped with Class-exclusive available Active-Level™ Four-Corner Air Suspension, can get you to the trailhead with ease. The ATV will take you where others don't go.

Drive on the beach while you still can

Ram Trucks 

There's still a handful of beaches in the U.S. that allow trucks to roll down the shoreline. Grab your towel and cruise down the Outer Banks or the white beaches of Daytona.

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