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New Buck Owens Collection Compiles Late '60s Singles

Buck Owens and the Buckaroos' Capitol Records singles, known for both song quality and a treble-heavy sound that made them stand out on AM radio, educated Dwight Yoakam and numerous others about the allure of West Coast country music. Omnivore Recordings and the Buck Owens estate want to make sure a new generation follows the same Bakersfield 101 syllabus with a series of singles compilations. The next two-disc volume, The Complete Capitol Singles: 1967-1970, arrives May 11.

Although these years overlap the time when Hee Haw first started overshadowing Owens' more serious material, these 36 remastered A and B sides capture one of the best country bands ever building on prior success. Beyond the expected amped-up rockabilly and tender love ballads, this period introduced more variety to the Buckaroos' catalog. For example, the compilation includes trippy baroque pop experiment "Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass" and the international vibes of instrumental track "Turkish Holiday."


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There's also a couple of cuts from the Christmas Shopping album as well as selections from Owens' duet albums with Susan Raye and his son Buddy Allen.

The Complete Capitol Singles: 1967-1970:

Disc One
1. Sam's Place
2. Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye
3. Your Tender Loving Care
4. What A Liar I Am
5. It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me)
6. You Left Her Lonely Too Long
7. How Long Will My Baby Be Gone
8. Everybody Needs Somebody
9. Sweet Rosie Jones
10. Happy Times Are Here Again
11. Let The World Keep On A Turnin' - Buck Owens & Buddy Alan
12. I'll Love You Forever And Ever - Buck Owens & Buddy Alan
13. I've Got You On My Mind Again
14. That's All Right With Me (If It's All Right With You)
15. Christmas Shopping
16. One Of Everything You Got
17. Things I Saw Happening At The Fountain On The Plaza When I Was Visiting Rome Or Amore
18. Turkish Holiday

Disc Two
1. Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass
2. There's Gotta Be Some Changes Made
3. Johnny B. Goode
4. Maybe If I Close My Eyes (It'll Go Away)
5. Tall Dark Stranger
6. Sing That Kind Of Song
7. Big In Vegas
8. White Satin Bed
9. We're Gonna Get Together - Buck Owens & Susan Raye
10. Everybody Needs Somebody - Buck Owens & Susan Raye
11. Togetherness - Buck Owens & Susan Raye
12. Fallin' For You - Buck Owens & Susan Raye
13. The Kansas City Song
14. I'd Love To Be Your Man
15. The Great White Horse - Buck Owens & Susan Raye
16. Your Tender Loving Care - Buck Owens & Susan Raye
17. I Wouldn't Live In New York City (If They Gave Me The Whole Dang Town)
18. No Milk And Honey In Baltimore

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