Buc-ee's Beaver Taking Local Gator to Court

Buc-ee, Texas' favorite beaver, is preparing to face off against a smiling gator in court early next year.

According to, Buc-ee's has sued Choke Canyon Travel Centers for using a gator logo that they say is too similar to their iconic Buc-ee beaver logo. Choke Canyon Travel Centers is a chain of convenience stores around the San Antonio area with three locations. Buc-ee's has 27 around the Lone Star State.

Buc-ee's claims their competitor is duplicating many of their star attractions. Choke Canyon Travel Center also offers a lot of parking, huge bathrooms, and plenty of gas pumps. They even have similar looking drink stations.

Buc-ee's isn't the only one who see a striking resemblance between the two logos. Vendors and customers have been asking about the relation since the end of last year.

So, what do you think? Is this gator trying to take a bite out of Texas' favorite beaver?

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Buc-ee's Beaver Taking Local Gator to Court