Willie Nelson and Bryan Cranston
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Bryan Cranston Wants to Play Willie Nelson in a Biopic: 'There's Some Physical Resemblance'


Actor Bryan Cranston has played many roles over the span of his career: grizzled science teacher turned drug kingpin to the doting yet goofy father of Malcolm Wilkerson. But if he could have his pick from all the roles in the world for his next project, who would he choose? Country music legend Willie Nelson, of course.

Speaking to NME, Cranston revealed the one person he'd want to play. He quickly name-dropped the 89-year-old singer and explained why he's so enamored with the man himself.

"The hair and the beard," Cranston joked at first. "I think there's some physical resemblance. He's very old and wrinkled, and I can relate to that. So I wouldn't have to wear a lot of makeup."

But he had a much more serious reason as well. Cranston is no stranger to more dramatic roles, and he believes he can utilize his penchant for serious acting to the table to immortalize Willie.


"Willie's had a fascinating career -- as a writer and as a performer, and as a free speech person, being anti-war and on the forefront of hemp [culture]," he explained. "That's kind of interesting to me, even though I don't vibe with that stuff. I don't like smoking, it just doesn't do it for me."

That's obviously one area in which the two differ, but Cranston can also carry a tune, which might end up being a boon for him should he ever be given the chance to play Nelson. He's sung several times in his appearances on Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad, and even 3rd Rock from the Sun. So with a little practice, he might even be able to fulfill that requirement, too.

Nothing's set in stone, of course, but it seems Hollywood should have its ear to the ground. Cranston is a great get for Nelson, and country music fans would certainly appreciate a talent like his bringing ol' Willie to life.

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