Alligator Eats Alligator in Craziest Video You’ll See All Day

It's a known fact that alligators are vicious killers, but it turns out, they're also just as menacing to their own kind. At Circle B Bar Reserve in Florida, a man captured this incredible footage of an alligator eating an alligator.

Some days you're the big alligator and some days you're the little alligator, but let's breath a sigh of relief that you were neither on April 13. Alex Figueroa took this footage while on a morning walk through protected lands in Polk County, Florida. His description of the video stated, "I was taking a morning walk this morning before work at Circle C Bar Reserve and I happen to witness this 11 to 12 foot alligator eating a smaller gator he or she killed."

The sight of this massive alligator chomping down on the little one really drives home the fact that Mother Nature is beautiful, cruel, and does not care about anyone's feelings. It's a wonder this cannibal alligator can even fit the smaller guy in its mouth.

And yet, it does and shakes it around like a dog's chew toy for crying out loud. This is a great reminder just how mean and deadly alligators can be, so if you ever find yourself in the proximity to one, you best high tail it out of there as quickly as humanly possible.

But hey, if the alligators are eating each other, at least they're not eating us, right?

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Alligator Eats Alligator in Craziest Video You’ll See All Day