Brothers Osborne
YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers

Brothers Osborne Serenade the 'Late Night' Crowd With 'Weed, Whiskey and Willie'

Brothers Osborne have a knack for performing on late night TV. (Remember their sepia-toned jam "Shoot Me Straight" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert?) On Monday night, the pair took over Seth Meyer's stage on Late Night with a reflection of three things they can always believe in when everything is going wrong — "Weed, Whisky and Willie."

In support of their album Port Saint Joe, Brothers Osborne played the slow, winding track with TJ on lead vocals and John coming in with a flawless mood-matching guitar solo. Witnessing their natural chemistry through the seemingly effortless performance will make anyone wish they had a musically talented brother to jam with.

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By title alone, "Weed, Whisky and Willie" sounds like it might have a dose of humor ready for the listener, but once the opening verse starts, it's clear that the song is purely about an intense heartbreak. "I've got bottles and vinyl stacked to the ceilin'/I get stoned for survival, it helps with the healin'/And when it all goes to hell the only thing I believe in/Is weed, whiskey, and Willie," TJ sings.

Brothers Osborne are currently taking part in Dierks Bentley's Mountain High Tour. Fans can snag meet and greet tickets for several of the dates.

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