Brothers Osborne Release Retro-Inspired Lyric Video for ’21 Summer’

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After the huge success of their track “Stay a Little Longer,” Brothers Osborne are back on the charts with their reflective track “21 Summer.” They’ve used vintage imagery to reflect the song’s feeling of longing for the old days for their brand new lyric video.

“21 Summer” is one of those tracks that almost all country fans can relate to. The free-spirited feeling that comes with young love is one that is both fleeting and long-lasting at the same time. That urge to recapture the untamed feeling of an old flame is the centerpiece of this well-crafted release.


With the use of imagery that includes old cassette tapes, vintage amplifiers and portable radios, the song feels even more embedded in the past. Even though the subject matter is centered around what has come and gone, the duo manages to keep the instrumentation fresh and modern. Through TJ Osborne’s smooth and lovelorn vocals, listeners are transported into their own memories in a way that few modern country songs can.

“21 Summer” is the latest single off Pawn Shop, which is available in stores and online now. Brothers Osborne are currently on the road with Miranda Lambert, acting as support for her ongoing Keeper of the Flame tour.

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Brothers Osborne Release Retro-Inspired Lyric Video for ’21 Summer’