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Watch Brothers Osborne Surprise Their Mom With a New House


John and TJ Osborne of the Brothers Osborne recently gave their mother, Trish, a Nashville home as a surprise gesture during an interview with CMT. Trish thought that she would be answering questions in a segment about how her boys were growing up. Since the topic at hand was family, she didn't think anything was strange about filming in a cozy living room with all five of her children in attendance.

As seen in the clip above, John excitedly asks her, "Do you know where you are right now?" Of course, Trish is confused as to why he would ask that until he dangled the house keys in front of her and revealed that she was sitting in her new home. Trish's face showed signs of happiness, shock, and relief with the prospect of moving closer to her boys after her heart surgery earlier this year.

"Our sweet, strong mother is one of the main reasons we are who we are. Sacrificed so much for us growing up," Brothers Osborne wrote on Twitter. "She lived in a single wide trailer in Delaware until now. She deserves a mansion in the hills but we bought her humble home close to us in Nashville. Welcome home mom!"


"Now that was a pleasant surprise," Trish said while it seems everyone in the room was tearing up. CMT cameras followed as she checked out the rest of the house and genuinely said she loved the property that her boys chose for her.

Brothers Osborne are currently on Dierks Bentley's Mountain High Tour through Oct. 13, playing several new tunes off of their recent album, Port Saint Joe, which features "Shoot Me Straight." Next, the duo will hop over to spread country music across the U.K. from November to early December.

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