brothers osbourne I'm Not For Everyone
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Leslie Jordan Shines in Brothers Osborne's New Music Video for 'I'm Not For Everyone'

Brothers Osborne's country song off their third studio album, "I'm Not For Everyone," is all about being true to yourself — so who better to star in the official music video than actor Leslie Jordan? Wes Edwards directed the video, which takes place with the two brothers performing country music in a rowdy honky-tonk. All of a sudden, Jordan walks in, donned in a bedazzled outfit that blatantly confuses the other patrons. It seems like he picked the wrong time to stop by the bar for some live music, but he doesn't let the chaos around him affect his vibe.

"We got our dear friend Leslie Jordan to be the protagonist and he is absolutely killing it. He doesn't look like anyone here, and it doesn't bother him," John Osborne said in a statement. "He sticks out like a sore thumb. The song is about not being for everyone, but the core of the song is about embracing that part of you, and Leslie does it perfectly."

Though he gets some odd looks from some of the bar's rough crowd, Jordan couldn't be less bothered and enjoys the music from John and TJ Osborne, dancing like no one is watching. Even in the midst of a bar fight, he sashays his way between punches and flying beer bottles, just enjoying the beat of the music. He even picks up a tropical cocktail to sip on in a bar that most likely generally serves whiskey and beer.

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Director Wes Edwards adds, "We really lucked out working with the Bros. They're the type of artist that want to push you into weird territory, to really go for the odd concept."

But the visuals of this music video really bring the new single to life as a glaring reminder that you can and should dance to the beat of your own drum, regardless of what everyone is doing around you. You also never know where you might make a friend like Jordan does at the end of the song when everyone finally stops fighting. The rough bar definitely feels straight out of Road House but who doesn't love a happy ending? One of the biggest nods we get from the song, though, is that everyone should feel welcome as a fan of country music, whether you're listening to current hits or the classic old songs from the referenced Townes Van Zandt.

"I'm Not For Everyone" comes off the Grammy nominees' latest new album Skeletons which was released in Oct. of 2020. The brothers co-wrote the song with songwriters Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. So while it's technically not a brand new song, the music video certainly adds an extra bit of personality.

"I'm always speaking my mind when I'm better off biting my tongue," the brothers sing. "I'm a bad joke at the wrong time/Well, I'm a legend in my own mind/I'm good for some, but I'm not for everyone."