Hear Brothers Osborne's Party-Ready New Single 'It Ain't My Fault'

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John and TJ Osbrone have had one of the best years in music this past 2016. Their debut album Pawn Shop came out way back in January, and they've been riding its wave ever since.

Nothing has seemed to stop their streak, as even a crumbling venue couldn't cancel a tour stop in Hanford, California. Instead of canceling outright on the date, the Brothers Osborne performed on top of their tour bus. It has just been that good of a year for John and TJ.

To close out their stellar 2016, Brothers Osborne have chosen their next single - "It Ain't My Fault."

The album closer on Pawn Shop, "It Ain't My Fault" packs a damn good punch. The track busts out of the gates with driving drums and TJ's slick guitar licks. John's deep honeyed baritone brings in some smooth melody, singing about blaming beer for whiskey and the morning for night. It's a party anthem for sure - John's lyrics keep things country while TJ's guitar makes things rock n roll.

The song focuses on all too familiar nights when we all want to try and blame bad decisions on anything other than ourselves. John takes it a step further by going ahead and blaming anything and everything else but himself. There's all sorts of fun wordplay thrown around - "blame the ex for the drinking/blame the drinking on the ex." - that ring out true to anyone listening.

But in the end, it's never our fault, is it?

Well, at least that's what Brothers Osborne are trying to get by on whoever "It Ain't My Fault" is written for. Either way, it's a party song through and through, and just might be the next big country party anthem.

The song is set for its radio add release on January 17, but you can go ahead and get the song now, and make it your first official anthem of 2017.

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Hear Brothers Osborne's Party-Ready New Single 'It Ain't My Fault'