Brooks and Dunn are Reuniting For New Single 'Damn Drunk'

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Brooks and Dunn will give their fans a bit of nostalgia as they team up once again for Ronnie Dunn's upcoming single, "Damn Drunk."

Dunn announced the release of the single on his Facebook page last month, along with pictures on set during the making of the video. "Damn Drunk" will be the second release for Dunn off of Nash Icon records in which Kix Brooks chimes in on vocals.

Dunn told Rolling Stone Country he was excited that Brooks said yes when he requested he collaborated on the song. "Kix was gracious enough to do that," he said before referencing the song's upcoming music video  that was recently shot in New Mexico."He wasn't so gracious as to ask me to be in the video," he joked.

The country duo was founded in 1990 and spent nearly 20 years together before parting ways in 2010. Their final performance together was on September 2, 2010 at Bridgestone Arena.

Since their amicable split the two have continued as solo artists, reuniting briefly before "Damn Drunk" for a series of concerts in 2015 with Reba McEntire in Las Vegas.

You'll continue to find them "Together in Vegas" periodically as part of the two-year residency deal. Though an official reunion has never been announced, Dunn has said the duo has already renewed their agreement for longer. "If it's fun, we'll keep doing it," Brooks says.

Perhaps this is the start of something fans have patiently been waiting more than 5 years for. Fans will be able to hear "Damn Drunk" when it hits country radio in the coming weeks.

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Brooks and Dunn are Reuniting For New Single 'Damn Drunk'