The Best Portable Air Cooler for the Office & Backyard (According to 5-Star Amazon Reviews)

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With hotter weather among us, staying cool is non-negotiable. From my apartment to my car, my AC is always on full blast. The only thing worse than hot, humid air is your AC unit breaking down. Portable air coolers are an energy-efficient way to get access to cool air. The Briza Personal Air Cooler reviews speak for themselves!

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Briza - Air Cooler - Evaporative Air Cooler - Evaporative Cooler

Do you have a room that doesn't get proper airflow? Are you tired of fanning yourself with the closest piece of paper you can find? Look no further. This cooling fan from Amazon is the answer to your air conditioning woes. The Briza Air Cooler triples as an air cooler, humidifier, and fan.

You can enjoy a cool breeze via evaporating water. This cooling system oscillates at 80° and has three different fan speeds.

Features include:

  • High-quality aspen wood
  • 4 filters
  • Dry climates

The specs on this unit are 15 x 15 x 25 inches, making it perfect to sit on your countertop or desk.

It is important to know that this is not an air conditioner but rather an air cooler. This unit blows cold air and cools down your ambient temperature. If you are hotter in a particular room of your house, then this personal evaporative air cooler is a great way to cool down. You can still enjoy the same cool air quality at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner.

I love that this air cooler is portable, and it can be used indoors and outdoors. When you're not using it in your home office, you can take it to your backyard during a summer BBQ. This is also great to use in a camper or RV!

When you're hot and sweaty, the last thing you wanna do is get up and manually adjust the fan. This unit is adjustable from anywhere in the room, thanks to the remote control.

The Briza Cool Air unit uses evaporative cooling and only requires 80 watts of power. Just plug it into a standard power outlet. Standard air conditioning units can use up to 3,500 watts, so you can save money on your power bill. The water tank on this evaporation air cooler holds up to 8L of water, which is pretty big! You don't have to worry about constantly refilling it multiple times a day.

If you need some more convincing to add this to your cart, the Briza Personal Air Cooler reviews should do the trick. Just check out these customer reviews below!

"We have been using our Briza for several months now and we couldn't live without it. Beside the bed, outside for afternoon cocktails, it's a game changer. You do need to use it with a window or a door open and don't expect it to change the temperature of the room, it is not an air conditioner but its close. This is a fan on steroids! It blows cooler air than it takes in. I love this thing! Best $200 we've spent in a while. Thanks Briza"

"We sourced out the Briza Air Cooler during a heat wave. It works really well. I was surprised how much cold air it provides. We have it in the bedroom and it cools the whole room down. It's quiet too...sounds just like a fan. Living in the PNW, there aren't alot of air conditioners in homes, so this was an excellent solution."

"This Air Cooler is great!! If you put ice cold water in it it pretty much turns into an a/c unit for a couple hours!"

You can feel safe when purchasing this portable evaporative cooler. Each purchase comes with a one-year unlimited warranty provided by Briza. With Amazon Prime's two-day free delivery, you can enjoy cool air at the tip of your fingertips.