Video Premiere: Bridge 19's Hauntingly Beautiful 'Diamonds'

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Louisville, Kentucky band Bridge 19's forthcoming album In the Afterglow (out on April 26) is filled with rich, harmony-laden songs that run the gamut of human emotion. "Diamonds," written by band members Audrey Cecil and Amanda Lucas, explores pain, anxiety and what it means to worry about someone you love.

Amanda Lucas says though the song was born out of two different experiences, the feelings expressed are universal.

"We wrote this song about the people we worry about when we lay down at night. We were both thinking of different people in our lives as we were writing the song so it means something different for both of us. It's a very personal song that we hope people will feel connected to through their own experiences," Lucas tells Wide Open Country. "We recorded this song the morning after I put my grandma in a memory care facility. We were both going through some rough stuff (very different experiences that somehow coalesced musically) at the time and it was super cathartic to talk it out with each other and make our pain into something concrete. "

Watch the video for "Diamonds" below.

In the Afterglow was recorded at La La Land Studio in Louisville, Kentucky with engineer Anne Gauthier.

For more information on Bridge 19, visit their official website.

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Video Premiere: Bridge 19's Hauntingly Beautiful 'Diamonds'