Bridesmaids ‘n Boots: 5 Southern Wedding Looks to Inspire Your Big Day

These real southern wedding looks prove that boots ‘n bridesmaids are the perfect couple.

Southern weddings are not like other weddings. Because many southern couples come from close-knit families and like to incorporate their southern roots into their celebration, southern weddings are cozy, authentic and unique. You’ll often find dinner buffets full of country classics like BBQ or pulled pork (I’m not complaining!), and decor that is rustic and vintage. The bridal party will have traditional country hairstyles (the bigger, the better), which complement their sweet southern accents so nicely. (Or should I say, “nah-slee?”)

But what really makes a southern wedding different is that the bridesmaids can get away with wearing cowgirl boots. Even if their dresses are more formal, they can boot, scoot ‘n boogie their way down the aisle and nobody bats an eye. Let these real southern bridal party looks inspire you as you plan your big, fat southern wedding!

Red Patterned Dresses

Jennifer Weems Photography

These red dresses have a classic country pattern, and their casual style means they can be worn again after the wedding (nice job, bride!). The bridesmaids are adorable and I can think of no other piece of footwear that would look better with their dresses.

Yellow Mismatched Dresses

Southern Weddings, Ryan Ray

These dresses are not necessarily unique to country style, but when you add the cowgirl boots, you’ve got a classic country look. What’s great about this look is that each girl has a different style dress, so she can showcase her individual style and personality.

Gold Strapless Dresses

Erin Kate Photography
Erin Kate Photography

This bridal party is an example of more formal dresses being worn with casual cowgirl boots. And the look works well! These dresses can also be worn again for future events, and the classic pearl necklaces add a final dose of southern style that is classy and perfect for a wedding.

Casual Orange Dresses

Brightwood Photography
Brightwood Photography

On the opposite end of the spectrum, these bright orange dresses are super casual. And they make me want a fruity country cocktail…I bet these bridesmaids tore up the dance floor at that wedding. These wear-again dresses would look totally cute under a denim jacket.

Pleated Turquoise Dresses

Jess Barfield Photography
Jess Barfield Photography

A pop of turquoise + neutral brown = a perfect country wedding paradox. The ruching at the top of the bridesmaids’ dresses, plus the casual pleating at the skirts, makes these dresses casual enough for cocktails, but dressy enough for a wedding. The loose side ponytails that each girl is wearing (bride included) give the bridal party a cohesive look that still allows each girl to express her personal style.

Do you feel inspired to have your bridesmaids in boots? Which of these looks is your favorite?

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Bridesmaids ‘n Boots: 5 Southern Wedding Looks to Inspire Your Big Day