You're Going to Want to Stay in This Doghouse

If you have a craft beer lover in your life, send them to the doghouse. That is, send them to the DogHouse, the BrewDog hotel-in-a-brewery located in Columbus, Ohio. We promise they're going to love what the brewers call "the 'hoppiest' place on Earth."

It's a 32-room hotel with eight suites and four rooms that easily access the brewery's dog park, plus many of the rooms have a view of the brewery's new OverWorks sour beer facility and taproom.

Upon arrival, you won't find a front desk. Instead, there's a lobby bartender who will pour you a complimentary beer while checking you in. Every room includes a beer tap and a fully-stocked beer fridge, with BrewDog beer and other brews handpicked by the Scottish brewery's co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie. But that's not all—each room also includes a built-in shower beer fridge. Because treating yourself definitely means having a beer in the shower.

In a press release, Watt said, "From welcome pints of Punk IPA and malt massages to brewery views and shower beers, this will be the world's first and only fully-immersive craft beer experience from check in to check out. The DogHouse is our gift to the passionate and dedicated army of beer fans that have supported us every step of the way. We are nothing without our community and this hotel celebrates that."

It's a whole experience with amenities and common areas that beer drinkers will adore. The brewery has partnered with local central Ohio business to for its non-beer offerings. Each room has hop-infused soaps and other personal products created by a local company, Glenn Avenue Soaps, exclusively for BrewDog. Plus guests can enjoy Stauf's Coffee in the lobby and Rogue Fitness equipment in the hotel's fitness center.

Along with the hotel, BrewDog opened a 6,000 square foot interactive beer museum that takes visitors on a journey through the brewing process. And, of course, there are plenty of places to hang out and play beer pong.

Tanisha Robinson, BrewDog USA CEO, said, "The DogHouse is truly a hotel like no other. With the help of our passionate community, we have created a must-visit destination for craft beer fans around the world."

BrewDog crowdfunded the hotel, starting back in March of 2017. It's a model that the whole company runs on, with investment from individuals through their Equity for Punks program. The DogHouse hotel campaign raised over $300,000, easily passing their original goal to raise $75,000 in the first 30 days. Backers of the beer hotel campaign received first access to reservations, but the hotel is now open to the public.

You can reserve rooms at the DogHouse right now starting at $162 a night, with the Brewmaster Suite going for $284.

BrewDogs started in 2007 in the United Kingdom, where they are headquartered in Ellon. They became Scotland's largest independent brewery in 2008. In 2017, they began brewing in the United States, with BrewDog USA in Columbus. In America, brewers Watt and Dickie are also known for their TV show Brew Dogs.

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