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Luke and Caroline Bryan Created an Animal Rescue Farm in Honor of Their Niece

Country music star Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline Boyer are one of the most likable couples in Nashville for a reason. Luke's country music has earned him a passionate following but fans love following Caroline as well. Followers love tuning in to the Bryans' social media profiles to watch them interact and get a behind-the-scenes view of the longtime couple. One of the most empowering stories about the Bryan family is how Luke and Caroline took in his nieces and nephews after Luke's sister and brother-in-law passed away. But that's just one example of what they'll do for their family.

Family is clearly incredibly important to the Bryan family because after Caroline's infant niece Sadie Brett Boyer passed away after suffering various medical issues including a congenital heart defect and Down Syndrome, she wanted to do something to honor her — an animal rescue called Brett's Barn. The barn is home to multiple precious animals including pigs, goats, horses, llamas, and even kangaroos. 

"After Brett passed away, I decided to keep a promise I made to her when she was about a month old...a white pony!" Caroline explained on the Brett's Barn website.

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"We found the pony at a local animal rescue facility. Along with the white pony, we adopted another pony, goat and pig. Over the next few months, the barn continued to grow. The promise I made to Brett, for one white pony, quickly turned into a full blown miniature animal farm! Brett's Barn now has over 20 animals! We are discussing various ways of expanding and, hopefully, be open to the public someday. 

"We love these animals and the amazing children that come visit. It's truly a special place and we can feel Brett's spirit there every single day." 

All of the proceeds of Brett's Barn benefit the organization run by the Brett Boyer Foundation, which helps fund research for congenital heart disease. CHD is incredibly tragic in young infants and so it's so special that Caroline Bryan is using her platform to help support her family as well as children suffering from CHD all over the country. The organization is also involved closely with their Tennessee neighborhood so you can refer to their website for local initiatives. Though the foundation itself was a product of grief, we are positive that the research its funding will make a serious impact in many families' lives moving forward.

Though the farm isn't open to the public yet, we can't wait to see what the Bryans accomplish with this rescue venture in the future.

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